Quality Objectives and Policy



Quality Objectives:

  • Improve the process of marketing and sales.
  • At least 50% of inquiries be transformed into business.
  • To ensure that approved methods and procedures are in place.
  • To achieve zero customer complaint and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure that safety of the personnel, facilities and environment has been carefully considered.
  • To ensure that approved practices, procedures, inspection and test plans are in place throughout all operations of the organization.
  • Always monitor the Non Conformance at every stage of the operation to reduce mistakes and improve continuously.

Quality Policy:

We are committed to ensure that our products always meet customer requirements. We aspire to exceed our customer expectation with our timely response and delivery. We follow all legal and statutory requirements. We continually improve ourselves by precisely defining our business objectives and plan meticulously to achieve them. Our employees are our prime asset and their well-being and safety is never compromised. We provide our employees the opportunity to grow professionally thus making it a mutual growth for company and its employees.

RESTECH (AL BAHATHA)  is dedicated to implement the Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems).



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