CANBERRA has been serving the nuclear community for over five decades. The company is the leading provider of innovative and cost-effective nuclear measurement solutions used to maintain safety of personnel, assess the health of nuclear facilities and safeguard the public and the environment. For more details, please contact RESTECH or visit

CANBERRA manufactures a wide range of Silicon and Germanium Photon Detectors and offers the broadest line of cryostats and accessories in the industry. In addition to CANBERRA manufactured detectors, CANBERRA carry other types to complement our NIM, MCA and System products. CANBERRA provides only detectors which have a good reputation for quality, and  take responsibility for compatibility of these detectors with CANBERRA’s instruments and systems.

CANBERRA offers the broadest range of cryostat types in the industry. While some cryostat types are restricted for use with specific detector types, others can be used with all types of detectors. CANBERRA Geiger Mueller Detectors have been carefully researched and developed to provide a rugged, reliable, long-lasting means of monitoring nuclear radiation levels. Alpha Spectroscopy: Quantification and identification of alpha-emitting nuclides plays a key role in site environmental characterization and radiation protection.  Alpha spectroscopy is especially crucial for waste management and site decommissioning and decontamination applications. CANBERRA offers turnkey solutions for alpha spectroscopy in both production “batch mode” or research environments.
Gamma Spectroscopy Systems: CANBERRA integrated Gamma spectroscopy solutions maximize instrument utilization and produce high quality results. Digital Signal Processing: CANBERRA Digital Signal Processing-based instruments offer excellent throughput for high count rates and stability for environmental site samples. Alpha/Beta Counters: CANBERRA offers a large family of automatic and manually-controlled low background alpha/beta counters. The majority of the systems use gas flow proportional technology but the family also includes the iSeries of manual and automatic counters which require no counting gas.


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