HANNA instruments® is a world leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation.  Hanna offers a wide array of instrumentation, from research grade bench tops and ISE’s, to single and multiparameter portable meters for testing pH, conductivity, DO, turbidity and more. For more details, please contact RESTECH or visit www.hannainst.com

HANNA Instruments Inc. is the largest family-owned manufacturer of scientific analytical instrumentation. For over 30 years, HANNA has never failed to design fresh and innovative products.

PRODUCTS: Hanna Checker HC series and chemical test kits, Testers ad Monitors, pH Instrumentation, Electrodes and Solutions. ISE instrumentation, Electrodes and Solutions. Conductivity and TDS meters and solutions. Titration: Single and Multiparameter automatic titrators. Benchtop and portable dissolved oxygen meters and probes for lab and field use. Multiparameter portable instrumentation. Turbidity: Portable and bench turbidity meters for lab and field use. Chemical Oxygen Demand for measurement on both influent and effluent waters. Thermohygrometers, Luxmeters, Reagents and Multiparameter portable instrumentation. Mini Controllers and Process Instrumentation.

Products for the following industries : Agriculture, Aquaculture, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Education, Environmental, Food and Dairy, Hydrophonics, Industrial, Laboratory, Plating, Pool and Spas, Printing and Graphics, Water Conditioning and Water treatement.

Hanna Instruments has a history of developing innovative products that make analytical measurements easier to perform at an affordable price. Many innovations introduced by Hanna are now the norm for the instrumentation industry.


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