SOTAX develops, produces and markets system solutions for pharmaceutical testing and does so in close cooperation with pharmaceutical and scientific partners. SOTAX leads the way in the development and manufacture of high-quality pharmaceutical testing equipment and associated services. For more details, please contact RESTECH or visit

Dissolution Testing: Dissolution is a test used by the Pharmaceutical industry to characterize the dissolution properties of the active drug, the active drug’s release and the dissolution from a dosage formulation. Dissolution testing is used to formulate the drug dosage form and to develop quality control specifications for its manufacturing process. In-vitro dissolution testing is a critical test that has to correlate with in-vivo clinical studies and which could require specific method developments. Dissolution testing is described in many pharmacopeias, in EP, USP chapters and FDA guidelines. Xtend dissolution line – Modular, Scalable and Future proof. Dissolution systems for USP, 12,5,6 / Dissolution system for USP 4.

Physical testing: Solutions to test the physical properties of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage form. With a proven track record of more than 20’000 testers in the market, Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron tablet hardness testers and disintegration testers are known for their reliability, precision and ease of operation.  Hardness, Disintegration, Friability, Tap density, Flowability Instruments.

Automated Sample Preparation: Automate your sample preparations so that they are performed the same way every time. Each method step is confirmed gravimetrically, reported volumetrically, and documented electronically. APW™ Automated  Sample Preparation Workstation, TPW™ Automated Sample Preparation Workstation and CTS Automated Sample Preparation working station.


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